World of Warcraft Legion Story As An Anime Opening

World of Warcraft may be over a decade old, but the powerhouse MMO experienced a major renaissance during the last year thanks to the wildly successful Legion expansion. The add-on content increased the level cap and introduced a new region with a very compelling story to keep players busy for months on end. The story is so compelling that some fans even think it warrants its own anime-style series…

Some World of Warcraft fans with a talent for editing and an eye for anime aesthetic recently took it upon themselves to cut together some of the in-game footage from Legion and create an anime-opening video inspired by the expansion.

Take a look at the fictional anime-opening in its entirety right here…

From the cosmic footage to the over the top music to to the dramatic battles; this video really does have it all. Fans of Dragon Ball Z or any other late 90s anime will recognize all the classic tropes in play. Jumping straight in with season 3 is a pretty nice touch, as well…

We don’t know specific details about when the next World of Warcraft expansion will arrive quite yet, but hopefully that content will warrant a follow up video when it arrives, as well.

For the Horde!

World of Warcraft: Legion is available now on PC.  Battle for Azeroth does not have a release date yet.

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