3 escape assault rap as anime fan ruled 'frivolous'

Three of six people who allegedly assaulted an anime fan were acquitted after District Court Judge Josiah Lam Wai-kuen ruled the fan was an “unreliable,” “arrogant,” and “frivolous” witness.

Regarding the other three, apart from the charges they admitted to, two were convicted of false imprisonment after a nine-day trial.

Lam adjourned the case to February 6 for sentencing.

Enticed by the prospect of sex, Law Ho-fung, 17, went on a Valentine’s Day date in 2016 with an internet friend and cosplayer named “Tiger Tooth,” whom he had never met.

However, things took a horrible turn when he was repeatedly assaulted in Kowloon Bay, and then told to film a clip apologizing to other cosplayers for trolling them online.

Chan Hin-wah, 18, pleaded guilty to all charges, including two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, one count of theft, and a count of false imprisonment.

Meanwhile, Michael Wan Wing-yin, 29, and Chiu Man-chun, 32, admitted to their charges, consisting of causing actual bodily harm, common assault, and theft.

On top of that, both Wan and Chiu were convicted of two separate counts of false imprisonment.

They were indicted mainly because of the admissions they made under police caution.

The three who escaped convictions – Siu Chung-yin, 17, Tsang Pak-ho, 24, and Choi Chau Wai-yin, 16 – have either stayed silent or denied any wrongdoing.

It means their convictions would have hinged solely on Law’s testimony, which the judge apparently rejected.

“Law had been arrogant and frivolous when giving evidence in court,” Lam said. “He at times became disgruntled, and at times played dumb, and did not answer questions properly.”

Law, an anime fan, had trolled the internet for female cosplayers, after being turned down for dates.


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